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Rice Maker

Rice Maker AKA Rice Cooker A rice maker, more usually called a rice cooker or rice steamer, is a kitchen appliance dedicated to cooking rice. Rice makers may be divided into several categories – rice cookers, rice steamers, ceramic or plastic containers for microwave oven, and gas and electrical rice makers. Most home rice makers […]


How To Make Your Own Tofu

Make Your Own Tofu In A Rice Cooker Tofu is a very healthy food and is a good addition to any healthy diet.  Did you know that you can make your own tofu at home?  There are several ways to make your own tofu but the whole process just got a lot easier with a […]


Multipurpose Your Rice Cooker

Unique Rice Cooker Recipes A rice cooker may used for much more than simply cooking rice.  Your rice cooker could easily become the most used and versatile appliance in your kitchen.  Extend the versatility of your rice cooker with some of these great rice cooker recipes from Rice Cooker Fetish. While a rice cooker can […]