McDonalds McLobster Sandwich

Is The McDonalds McLobster Sandwich Coming To The US?

McDonalds McLobster Sandwich

The McLobster has been offered seasonally for some time in Canada in their Maritime Provinces.  Will the McLobster – a lobster roll sandwich be rolled out in the US and added as a menu item?  McLobster fans are hoping so, but it doesn’t look as though it will happen anytime soon.

McLobster Rumors

Rumors abound, but for now McDonalds has apparently denied rumors that the McLobster sandwich will be offered to their US customers anytime soon.  Reviews are decidedly varied from those who have had the opportunity to sample the McLobster.  While the McLobster definitely has it’s fans, there are those who consider it to be ‘gross’ and ‘basically inedible’.

Check out the McLobster Youtube video

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