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How To Block Facebook Chat

Block People in Facebook Chat Want to know how to block Facebook chat?  You know you do.  There are times when Facebook contacts pop-up wanting to chat on Facebook at the most inopportune times. Maybe you want to block people in Facebook chat for the simple reason that you would rather not chat with them.  […]


What Triggers Rosacea?

Knowing what triggers Rosacea can help you manage the disease It can be difficult to know what triggers Rosacea. This is known as the most disruptive of all types of skin diseases. Typically, rosacea has periods of remission and flare-ups and it is necessary during the therapy and treatment to keep the skin disorder in […]


The Pokemon Smeargle Character

Are You Searching For Smeargle? One of the top searches for our new site appears to be from Pokemon devotees typing in a (misspelled) search for a Pokemon character – the Smeargle.  So, in an effort to help them out a little – and educate ourselves on what exactly the Pokemon Smeargle character is – […]