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Crazy Bets

5 Crazy Bets That Paid Off People have gambled since currency began and will continue to do so as long as the world is still here. Some play cards, some roulette, others mahjong and other games of chance.  It can be an addiction as serious as alcohol or drugs and has lost many people their […]


Secrets To Remote Viewing

Tips To Successful Remote Viewing Remote Viewing is the controlled use of extra sensory perception (ESP) and is not an out of body experience. It can be learnt by anyone with the help of different remote viewing techniques. There are various aspects that have to be kept in mind while performing these techniques which can […]


Gerald Celente 2013 Predictions

What are Gerald Celente’s Predictions for 2013? Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 don’t seem to have a happy time in store for us.  Celente, is a famous trend forecaster and predictor of the future as well as publisher of Trends Journal and founder of Trends Research Institute.  In his Trends Journal predictions for 2012 he […]