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Is Eating Horsemeat Wrong?

Horse Meat: Why So Controversial? I have nothing against tucking into a delicious steak every now and then. I like it almost rare, and adore the juices and the taste of the meat. I also eat a lot of (organic) chicken, some lamb and to a lesser extent pork, though I love salamis and sausages […]


Dorm Room Cooking

Dorm Room Recipes Make sure to equip your dorm room with the basics: a cube refrigerator, and a small rice cooker cooker or crockpot and few basic utensils and plates.  We want to make some good dorm room recipes – not simply start making grilled cheese sandwiches using an iron. Dorm Room Cookbook Dorm room […]


Rice Maker

Rice Maker AKA Rice Cooker A rice maker, more usually called a rice cooker or rice steamer, is a kitchen appliance dedicated to cooking rice. Rice makers may be divided into several categories – rice cookers, rice steamers, ceramic or plastic containers for microwave oven, and gas and electrical rice makers. Most home rice makers […]