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The Finest Of Fictional Swords

Famous Swords in Books, Games and Movies A man’s sword says a lot about him. It’s important to have something that really does the business when it comes to looking heroic and saving the day. Anything less and you’re not really going to cut it; you see what I did there! Cut, brilliant. Enough puns […]


Gerald Celente 2013 Predictions

What are Gerald Celente’s Predictions for 2013? Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 don’t seem to have a happy time in store for us.  Celente, is a famous trend forecaster and predictor of the future as well as publisher of Trends Journal and founder of Trends Research Institute.  In his Trends Journal predictions for 2012 he […]


A Half Blood Prince in Harry Potter World

In Harry Potter’s World, He is a Half Blood Prince In the world of Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, such as The Deathly Hallows, Harry James Potter, is a half blood prince.  Sometimes he is referred to as a half blood wizard.  While the secret of Harry Potter’s world is not known when he […]