The Finest Of Fictional Swords

Famous Swords in Books, Games and Movies

A man’s sword says a lot about him. It’s important to have something that really does the business when it comes to looking heroic and saving the day. Anything less and you’re not really going to cut it; you see what I did there! Cut, brilliant. Enough puns and on with the list!

Sword of Omens – Thunder, Thunder, Thunder… ThunderCats Ho!!! It got longer and shorter, fired balls of energy, sent out the cat-signal and reflected Mumm-Ra’s reflection right back at him.  He might not have night vision but he’s got a pretty awesome sword there bud!

ThunderCats Ho!

It’s power came from the Eye Of Thundera, which basically allowed the ThunderCats to triumph in any climatic sequence of fighting. The Sword Of Omens is a powerful bit of kit.

Ice – It’s taken the TV watching world by storm, Game of Thrones is dungeons and dragons goodness that is acceptable to watch for the masses as it contains graphic sexual scenes and particularly gruesome violence. It also has less important qualities such as a deep characterization and a cracking epic plot.

Amongst all this good stuff is a host of swords each one named fearsomely and significantly. Ice is the ancestral greatsword of House Stark made of Valyrian steel and wielded by Ned Stark, well until Ice was used by Ser Ilyn Payne to lop of his head. Oops, spoiler alert.


Lord of the Rings isn’t exactly light on impressive hunks of metal with sharp edges. However, Nasril is probably the daddy of the cast seeing as it severed the hand of Sauron that bore the One Ring. When this incident happened the sword was already in pieces having broken as Elendil carked it and the significant cut was made by Elendil’s son Isildur with the hilt-shard.

sword of Aragorn

The long and short of this meant that the shards of Nasril were pretty significant in Middle Earth. After finding their way to Rivendell the pieces were reforged and the sword renamed Anduril. It was then given to Aragorn the true heir to help him do a significant amount of butt kicking.

Excalibur Sword

The origin of this blade is somewhat confusing, it was either heaved out of a rock by, or presented from the murky depths of a lake to, King Arthur. In fact it may well have been both. Needless to say it doesn’t really matter, what does is that this sword is quite the tour de force in the world of pointy slashing offense.

Excalibur makes those who bear it basically invincible and throws in becoming ruler of Britain too. Not bad at all.

Lightsabre – It’s a sabre of light! That’s cool. Technically a type of sword rather than a specific weapon, the light sabre is used in the George Lucas created world of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away by Jedi. Jedi are a sort of intergalactic battle monk that can bend ‘the force’ to their will.

skywalker lightsaber

Luke Skywalker went from farm hand to Jedi Master in one trilogy and did an awful lot of light-sabre wielding to great effect. It’s the weapon of choice for any self-respecting geek. If only they existed!  Oh well, just put on your Ninjago Hoodie and sulk in a corner like Andrew Weil when served a hunk of ham injected with water and nitrites.

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