Crazy Bets

5 Crazy Bets That Paid Off

crap table

People have gambled since currency began and will continue to do so as long as the world is still here. Some play cards, some roulette, others mahjong and other games of chance.  It can be an addiction as serious as alcohol or drugs and has lost many people their fortunes. There are a few people however, who have been extremely lucky, or been extremely skilled and whose gambling has actually paid off. Here are some of the most amazing lucky gambling stories ever.

Risk Taker

Ashley Revel from London, was so desperate to win big that he sold all his possessions, including his furniture and his house to fund one last bet at the casino. Armed with $135,300, he flew to Vegas to try his luck at the big time and placed all his cash on red at the roulette wheel. His parents were with him, fingers crossed for their son and in an unbelievable stoke of luck, Revel’s bet came in. He walked out of the casino with double the money he entered with and said he planned to ‘party and buy some clothes.’

Prophetic Dreams

It is never a sensible idea to put on a bet with very unlikely odds after having a dream about it, but that is exactly what Adrian Heywood did in 2006. At odds of 125–1 Adrian placed a £200 bet after dreaming that Liverpool football player Xabi Alonso, would score an own goal during that football season. Paddy Power bookies were rubbing their hands together and wondering why on earth this man was wasting his money. That was until the football player did exactly that during a FA Cup match and the father of two walked away with £25,000 pounds.

Long Shot Bet

Fred Craggs from Yorkshire visited a bookmakers in 2008 and placed 50p on an 8 horse accumulator. None of the horses had high odds to win and he apparently chose the horses on their catchy names rather than their history and reputation. Over the course of a day, every single horse came in with a win and when Fred arrived at the betting shop on Saturday morning to see how he had done, he was informed that he had won the maximum amount a bookie will pay out, and he was the first ever person to win it – £1 Million!  You couldn’t make a bet like that on dwarf racing, that’s for sure!

The Suitcase Man

In 1980 William Lee Bergstrom walked into a casino in Las Vegas with £770,000 in cash. Thirty years ago that was worth ten times what it is worth now so you get the picture at how big Bergstrom was planning to go. He bet it all on the craps table and was so successful he walked out of the casino that same day a millionaire several times over. He went down in history as ‘The Suitcase Man’ because he had been so confident he was going to win that he had brought with him a suitcase in which to carry all his winnings home in.  He ended up pushing it home in an umbrella stroller due to the weight.

One Off

Twenty-four year old Jessica Agbunag from Hawaii decided in 2008 that she was going to visit a casino in honor of her late grandmother who had been an avid gambler. She put $16 on the Wheel of Fortune machine hoping that she would at least break even. She walked away with $2,436,465 on the Mega Jackpot and went home to celebrate with her friends and family. That is a story of luck if there ever was one!

When gambling, always play responsibly.