Secrets To Remote Viewing

Tips To Successful Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the controlled use of extra sensory perception (ESP) and is not an out of body experience. It can be learnt by anyone with the help of different remote viewing techniques. There are various aspects that have to be kept in mind while performing these techniques which can help yield better results.

Secrets of Remote Viewing Techniques

remote viewingThere are four levels of mind awareness and the secret lies in the fact that the deeper you go into the inner mind the more successfully you can perform remote viewing. The four levels of awareness are beta, alpha, theta and delta. Only highest level of consciousness can help you break the restraints of the beta level. Remote viewing techniques that concentrate on teaching accessibility to theta level are more effective. Only the theta level can sense the unknown.

Protocols and courses cannot help you until you explore the depths of your mind. Delta is the realm of magical and numinous experience. It is the threshold to the world of unknown and therefore has to be conquered.

Visualization and imagination help in strengthening your remote viewing technique. Exercising your imagination and visualizing techniques can help you to get more out of the whole experience of remote sensing. The stronger your imagination, the stronger is your ability to remote sense and perceive.

Practices to Strengthen Remote Sensing Techniques

  1. Try writing or doing more with your hand that is less used. If you a right hander use your left and vice versa. This would enable development of new neuronal pathways in the less dominant part of your brain and hence enhance your imagination and visualization.
  2. Put your imagination to exercise by imagining objects, sound and sites. Try do this by first with closed eyes and then with eyes opened. Exercising your imagination can help you greatly in strengthening your remote sensing techniques.
  3. Keep a diary in which you record all the activities of your day and dreams you’ve had. Try imagining the life you want, your dream life, and experience it with your senses.
  4. Read more fiction based books and novels. This would help you revive your imagination and it’s also a good exercise to improve your visualization abilities.
  5. Limit watching television and motion pictures, for they murder our imaginative powers by crippling our natural ability to imagine and visualize.

Our brain has unlimited inner power which we need to explore to reach our highest potential. Remote viewing can help you locate things or people in different time and space. Remote viewing techniques provide the pathway to achieve exceptional mental power. Complete awareness of consciousness and proper exploitation of delta can also help to boost up different remote viewing techniques.

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