Dorm Room Cooking

Dorm Room Recipes

Make sure to equip your dorm room with the basics: a cube refrigerator, and a small rice cooker cooker or crockpot and few basic utensils and plates.  We want to make some good dorm room recipes – not simply start making grilled cheese sandwiches using an iron.

Dorm Room Diner Cookbook

Dorm Room Cookbook

Dorm room cooking should be kept simple. It’s a good idea to invest in a couple of good dorm room cookbooks with easy to prepare dorm room recipes.  The Dorm Room Diner Cookbook is an excellent choice for any college student struggling to cook dorm room meals with limited kitchen appliances.  The Dorm Room Diner can be instantly downloaded or you can get the paperback version.

Alternatively, get your cooking inspirations from recipes specifically for rice cookers and dorm room cooking on the net.  There are some great rice cooker recipes on Rice Cooker Fetish which are easy to make in a dorm room like this easy to make Macaroni and Cheese recipe for the rice cooker.  A rice cooker is an excellent appliance choice for a dorm room as it’s so compact and versatile in being able to make a wide variety of dorm room recipes.