Gerald Celente 2013 Predictions

What are Gerald Celente’s Predictions for 2013?

Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 don’t seem to have a happy time in store for us.  Celente, is a famous trend forecaster and predictor of the future as well as publisher of Trends Journal and founder of Trends Research Institute.  In his Trends Journal predictions for 2012 he states the US will face revolutions, riots, and rebellions in 2012.  First, let’s take a look at some of his past successful forecasts from Trends Journal, as well as some reasons to believe he might be wrong. Then we’ll dive into Gerald Celente 2012 predictions in detail.

What is Future Trends Forecasting?

Forecasting is a new world analytical method of trying to predict the future. Before Gerald Celente makes his 2013 predictions, he looks at trends, analyzes the trends and tries to make sense of them and then comes up with his forecast and tells us what he believes is going to happen.  Trends forecasting is more of an analysis and estimation than a prediction. Gerald Celente estimates what will happen in 2013. He analyzes current and past trends and then estimates where they will take us in the future.

Gerald Celente Correctly Predicts The Future

There are many accurate accounts of Gerald Celente’s predictions, but time will tell how accurate his latest will be for 2013. Here are some his past successful predictions:

  • 1987 stock market crash:  Gerald Celente  is credited with accurately forecasting the 1987 stock market crash. Looking at trends that others ignored, he correctly described exactly what would take place in the future.
  • The fall of the USSR: Before his 2013 predictions, Gerald Celente predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. A remarkable example of excellent forecasting. He made the call  when few others thought it would ever happen.
  • 2007 banking collapse:Well before talk of Gerald Celente 2013 predictions, he correctly forecasted in Trends Journal the occurrence of some issues that were to happen in the banking sector. Seemingly he saw the future helped, to some extent, by trend forecasting.
  • Terrorist attacks: This is more a broad forecast from Celente’s Trends Journal rather than one with specific dates and details. Celente accurately forecasted an increasing number of terrorist attacks on the US. Maybe this gives Trends Journal 2013 predictions a little more credibility?

Gerald Celente Predictions for 2012

Gerald Celente’s predictions for 2012, like all doomsday forecasts, don’t paint a rosy picture. They are filled with doom and gloom. Here are Gerald Celente’s predictions for 2012:

  • The US will become an undeveloped nation: Gerald Celente predicts that the United States will become an undeveloped nation by the end of the year.  How this could possibly occur is difficult to imagine.  A developed nation doesn’t suddenly become undeveloped in the space of a year.
  • Food riots: Gerald Celente predictions forecast food riots for 2013. Food riots occur almost every year in some part of the world so this is nothing new, but perhaps trend indicate that food riots are increasingly likely.
  • Holiday shift: This relates more to the predicted food shortage than anything else, but Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 state that food will become an increasingly valuable commodity in 2012. The end of commercialized holidays as we presently know them may be near, according to Celente.
  • Tax riots: As long as there has been government there have been tax riots. The US itself was born out of a tax rebellion.  Is he wrong? It’s uncertain yet if his Trends Journal predictions are valid.

Can Gerald Celente be Wrong?

The fact that Gerald Celente was right before doesn’t mean he will be right in the future. A relevant example to Gerald Celente predictions – or those of anyone predicting the future, is the coin toss.  You flip a coin 9 times and it turns up heads each time. The odds of this happening are 1 in 1,024.  What are the odds it will land on heads again this time, after 9 indentical flips?  50/50 or 1 in 2, the same as the first toss of the coin.  Each flip has a 1 in 2 chance of turning up heads, the last flip falls into the 50/50 split. This doesn’t mean Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 are wrong, simply that past performance doesn’t necessarily predict future performance.

The fact is Celente and his Trends Journal publication may be right. There could very well be food and tax riots. We’re already seeing the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  Perhaps they’ll grow in intensity.  The holiday shift has already occurred for many people, although not to the extent Celente predicts and holiday spending has been declining for some time.

Other Seers and Mystics

Gerald Celente predictions aren’t the only gloom predictions for 2013.  By now I’m sure most people know of that 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar and this is thought by some to mean the end of the world.  While it’s true that the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, there is no Mayan prophecy.
Edgar Cayce, a well known seer of the twentieth century made several predictions about doomsday. Cayce did not foresee an extinction of mankind, but rather a new beginning.  Nostradamus, like Gerald Celente, is said to have made predictions for 2013. The difficulty is in looking at Nostradamus predictions and trying to understand exactly what he actually meant.


Despite the Gerald Celente predictions it’s probably not wise to quit your job yet but they do bear thinking about considering Trends Journals success in the past with Gerald Celente forecasting.  Time to check out a survival guide or begin prepping?  Doomsday theories and predictions abound that are interesting to read. Some predictions are based on science, others based on trends, some are merely frauds or fantasies such as Harold Camping and his infamous prediction of the world ending.  Only time will tell whether or not the Gerald Celente predictions for 2013 will come to pass.

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