Sanyo ECJ-HC55S

Sanyo ECJ-HC55S Rice Cooker

Making perfect rice every single time can be a difficult task without a rice cooker. The Sanyo ECJ-HC55S is a great little 5.5 cup rice cooker that does the job perfectly every single time. The great thing about using Sanyo rice cookers is the fact that cooking is not limited only to rice. With a bit of creativity you can make quite a few interesting dishes in your trusty rice cooker.  Check out Rice Cooker Fetish for some great free rice cooker recipes.

General Overview

The Sanyo ECJ-HC55S is one cooker that has received a high rating for consistently delivering perfectly cooked rice. The cooker is easy to use and has some additional features like the steaming function and tofu container that make it an attractive buy. With this Sanyo rice cooker, making delicious rice has never been easier. All you need to do is add the required quantity of rice and water in the cooking pan provided, turn the unit on, press start and let the machine work its magic.

Micro-computer Chip Technology

The cooker has a range of program options to provide perfection cooking for every dish the cooker is used for. Micro-computer chip technology is very useful in adjusting the temperature and cooking time of the dish depending on the program you select.

Sanyo Rice Cooker ECJ-HC55S

The Sanyo ECJ-HC55S

Dual slow cooker and rice cooker

The cooker converts to a slow cooker and this dual feature means you do not require two separate appliances occupying space in your kitchen. The dual feature means you can cook your rice and a meal in two individual containers (inner pots), keeping the dishes entirely separate during cooking. Flavors are in no way detracted from and both dishes cook to perfection in their individual pots.

Steaming Function

In addition to your rice cooker and slow cooker features you also have the steaming function to sweeten this deal. You can serve beautifully steamed vegetables with your rice or meal anytime you choose to do so. All you need to do is program the timer that can be set for up to 58 minutes. This means even the tough vegetables like artichokes steam perfectly in this handy little unit.

Rice Cooker Accessories

One thing that sets this cooker apart from other cookers is the tofu container provided with the appliance. You can make your own homemade tofu anytime the urge to eat tofu gets you. Preparing tofu is by no means difficult as well. Other accessories provided with the appliance include a measure cup, spatula and Martin Yan recipe book.

Ease of Use

The Sanyo ECJ-HC55S is extremely easy to use with a wide range of settings and program options. You can make white rice, brown rice, sushi rice and mixed rice, soups, stews and anything else you come up with. Really hungry and cannot wait? Use the quick cook function to get to your food faster.

The internal technology incorporated into the Sanyo rice cook will monitor how your rice cooks. The titanium coated bowl’s extra thickness ensures an even distribution of heat for perfect cooking texture of the rice.


A quality buy, currently the ECJ-HC55S Sanyo rice cooker is $100.24 on Amazon and shipped free with Amazon’s super saver shipping scheme.