How To Block Facebook Chat

Block People in Facebook Chat

Want to know how to block Facebook chat?  You know you do.  There are times when Facebook contacts pop-up wanting to chat on Facebook at the most inopportune times. Maybe you want to block people in Facebook chat for the simple reason that you would rather not chat with them.  No worries!  You can block Facebook chat quite easily with a few simple steps. FB is changing the way the site works all the time and blocking chat now in 2013 is a little different than the way it used to be.

For starters, only friends you confirm can contact you via Facebook chat. Facebook is a safe enough playground for people to chat with friends, catch up with old classmates and colleagues and messages don’t keep popping up in your face like they do on some other sites.  However, Facebook’s second line of communication is totally in your face – Facebook chat.  That chat box will pop-up unbidden on the right lower corner of your browser window.  Grrrrr! Yup – know exactly how you feel!

Learn how you can block Facebook chat in 3 simple steps.

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