How To Make Your Own Tofu

Make Your Own Tofu In A Rice Cooker

Tofu is a very healthy food and is a good addition to any healthy diet.  Did you know that you can make your own tofu at home?  There are several ways to make your own tofu but the whole process just got a lot easier with a new rice cooker made by Sanyo.  This rice cooker actually lets you make your own tofu!  Of course it does everything else a good rice cooker can do, from cooking rice and other grains, steaming vegetables and even making cakes and breads.  But this new rice cooker is unique in that it is specially designed to allow you to make your own tofu.  It comes with a special tofu container that fits inside the rice cooker, tofu recipes and instruction booklet.  Take a look at this Sanyo rice cooker at Amazon.  Whether you’re vegetarian and tofu is a big part of your diet or you just like tofu, you can save money by making your own tofu at home with this great new product.