List of True Blood Books with Sookie Stackhouse

Complete List of True Blood Books

If you’ve watched the True Blood series on HBO then you’ll probably love reading  the Sookie Stackhouse books from the True Blood series written by Charlaine Harris. The True Blood books are part of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mystery series and they’re even more engrossing than the True Blood television series.

Book 1: Dead Until Dark
Meet Sookie Stackhouse, a plucky waitress working in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. She’s thrilled about meeting her first vampire but this is short-lived because someone (or something) has started killing several of the local women in the community.

Click here for the Complete List of the True Blood books with Sookie Stackhouse.  There are also some other books by Charlaine Harris that feature Sookie Stackhouse and the other characters you remember from the True Blood series.

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