What Triggers Rosacea?

Knowing what triggers Rosacea can help you manage the disease

It can be difficult to know what triggers Rosacea. This is known as the most disruptive of all types of skin diseases. Typically, rosacea has periods of remission and flare-ups and it is necessary during the therapy and treatment to keep the skin disorder in remission. So, during treatment is necessary to avoid those things that trigger Rosacea.

Now, you may wonder what are Rosacea Triggers and how they affect the skin. This term is refers to daily routines of life including environmental and eating factors that cause flare-ups of Rosacea.  Each case of Rosacea has different aspects and every case has its own flare-ups. So, identification of Rosacea Triggers is the most difficult task for the skin specialists and doctors. According to a survey by the National Rosacea Society, it has been revealed that there are certain consistencies found in the triggers of this troublesome skin disease. The results of this survey along with the most common triggers of rosacea are given below with their percentages.

Triggers of Rosacea

•    Exposure to the Sun (81%)
•    Stress and Anger (79%)
•    Severe Weather Conditions (75%)
•    Windy atmosphere (57%)
•    Hard Training and Exercise (56%)
•    Consumption of Alcohol (52%)
•    Taking Hot Baths (51%)
•    Cold Weather Conditions (46%)
•    Consumption of Spicy and Hot Food (45%)

•    Other Heat Exposures (41%)
•    Skin Care Products (41%)
•    Hot drinks (36%)
•    Cosmetic products (27%)
•    Medicines (15%)
•    Several Medical Situations (15%)
•    Preserved Meats (10%)
•    Different Vegetables (8%)
•    Certain Dairy Products (8%)
•    Other Reasons (24%)

All of the above Rosacea Triggers along with their percentages are provided by National Rosacea Society.
In the end, the list of the Rosacea Triggers has been provided so you can identify your skin disease very easily.  While knowing what can cause flare ups of your rosacea is helpful in managing the disease, it does not cure it.  Learn how you can get rid of rosacea permanently.