Build A Top Bar Bee Hive

Learn To Build A Warre Hive – A Top Bar Beehive

Many new beekeepers decide to build a top bar beehive, also known as a Warre hive,  as they want to get involved in beekeeping but the relatively high cost of commercial beekeeping equipment puts them off.  Beekeeping is a very interesting and rewarding hobby, not least because you are able to produce your own honey, pollen and even propolis and royal jelly if you desire.  Don’t let the high cost of commerical beekeeping equipment put you off.

Even if you’re an experienced beekeeper, perhaps you would like to try something a little different. Building a top bar bee hive, may be for you. A top bar hive is a very economical alternative to the standard Langstroth hives the majority of commercial beekeepers use today. You can quickly and easily build your own top bar hive for next to nothing using scrap wood.   Here’s a basic article that will get you started:  Building a Top Bar Beehive .  If you want a more complete guide you can purchase a package with complete top bar beehive plans, a step by step guide as well as a DVD that shows you all you need to know.  You’ll save more than the cost of the package by completing just a single hive.