Multipurpose Your Rice Cooker

Unique Rice Cooker Recipes

A rice cooker may used for much more than simply cooking rice.  Your rice cooker could easily become the most used and versatile appliance in your kitchen.  Extend the versatility of your rice cooker with some of these great rice cooker recipes from Rice Cooker Fetish.

While a rice cooker can become a kitchen essential it’s especially perfect for dorm room cooking or anywhere you have limited kitchen appliances and just want to make a simple meal.  If you’re interested in more simple, easy ‘dorm room recipes’ you should check out the Dorm Room Diner Cookbook. They have plenty of great ideas and recipes for cooking good, simple meals in the dorms or wherever else you may be.

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  1. Spruman says:

    You have a good collection of recipes here. Liked the mac and cheese; very easy to prepare.