The Pokemon Smeargle Character

Are You Searching For Smeargle?

One of the top searches for our new site appears to be from Pokemon devotees typing in a (misspelled) search for a Pokemon character – the Smeargle.  So, in an effort to help them out a little – and educate ourselves on what exactly the Pokemon Smeargle character is – here is a summary of the character courtesy of Wikipedia.

Smeargle (ドーブル, Dōburu or Doble in original Japanese language versions) is the painter of the Pokémon world, best known for its unique “Sketch” attack. It has a long tail that ends in a tuft of fur very similar to a paintbrush. The tuft is continuously soaked by a special viscous fluid secreted from the tip of the tail. The color of the fluid is predetermined for each Smeargle character. The fluid is used to mark the boundaries of its territory, much as a a dog would, and print its footprints on the backs of its fellow Smeargles once they reach maturity. Over 5,000 distinctive marks left by the species have been found in the Pokemon world.

Smeargle’s Sketch Attack

The Pokemon Smeargle character has its “Sketch” technique, which is unique to Smeargle. When used, it will permanently replace itself with the last technique used by an opponent Pokémon against Smeargle. It learns Sketch every ten levels. It can learn nearly any attack in the game, however, there are a few exceptions, such as Chatot’s signature move Chatter.

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